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Being a tourist-related town, there are a great many shopping opportunities in Siem Reap and after hotels and tourism, shopping is big business. It’s not exactly 'shop ‘til you drop', but from cheap souvenirs to expensive gems and jewelry, and everything in between, you can find just about whatever you want here. There are three main local markets, three main night markets, and now two shopping centres and many 24-hour convenience stores. Khmer handicraft items exist in large quantities, and there are places that sell 'antiques'. While some things may be actual old antiques, one should be careful when purchasing such items.

People here have become very adept at making new things look old. Also, it is illegal to export Angkorian artifacts taken from ancient sites. In any event, you need to know what you are doing when dealing with antiques.

We have provided reviews from a selection of different shopping venues to hopefully save you time and money while shopping. Below are the most shopping area in Siem Reap.

Old Market

(Phsar Chas) is a local market that is not at all geared to the tourist. It carries such items as fruits and vegetable, second hand clothes, hardware, motorcycle parts and religious items. In the late afternoon food vendors and fruit sellers set up mats along Street 13 in preparation for the evening market. The dinner rush hour makes for a confusing, dirty potentially photogenic scene. Located on the river at the south end of the Old French Quarter.

The Central Market

Area in Siem Reap, Cambodia is located between the Central Market at Sivutha Boulevard and the Siem Reap River and part of the Old French Quarter.

While not as busy as the other markets in town, the center market is more tailored for tourists who may be after the novelty t-shirts seen around Asia, or a new backpack. There are also many decent shops, beauty salons and more and more restaurants around the perimeter of the market.

The Phsar Leu Market

is the place where the locals go for shopping. It is the main traditional market in Siem Reap, Cambodia where you can find everything from fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, rice, clothing, spare parts for bicycles or motorbikes to kitchenware, large bed sheets, curtains or baby stuff. You won’t find any souvenirs but a glimpse of true Khmer life. Best early morning.

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